What Fish Will You Catch?

Resolution Guide Service is a unique fishing charter service that can target a diverse range of fish species with amazing accuracy. Whether it be a Trophy Trout Fly Fishing excursion during a worm hatch on the San Juan River or a day on Navajo Lake catching Pike, Bass and Carp from our 225hp lake boats, our guides spend most of their days on the water and know where and how to put you on the fish!

 Navajo Lake Carp Fishing

Navajo Lake Carp in New MexicoRocky mountain red fish, the golden ghost, poor mans bonefish and on and on. There is nothing that can prepare you for that first run on a big carp that just slurped your dry fly. With the right weather you will have shots at 100's of fish each day from 3-10 pounds, there are tons of carp in Navajo Lake and most of them have never seen a fly!   One of the great things about Navajo Lake is that the Carp fishing is almost 99% dry fly fishing. When the cottonwoods are in bloom you'll see the carp from small schools to 100's swimming along happily eating cottonwood puffs all day. At this time of year (June-July) there are the easiest to find and catch. Carp on Navajo Lake are easy to find all summer as well from about mid June-Oct. the carp fishing is great here. Nothing like a fish up to and beyond 20# on a dry fly.